Who is Essential Disability?

We’re a culturally sensitive, inclusive and welcoming community where people with disabilities are treated with respect as individuals, enabling their specific supports to be the catalyst for maintaining and maximising their independence while staying connected to their community.

Our Mission...

Is to provide tailored, professional and inclusive care and support that clients and their families can completely rely on to exceed their expectations and create a lifestyle that fosters happiness alongside an elevated sense of personal wellbeing.

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Essential Disability is committed to the requirements of the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 and the Children’s Guardian Act 2019. The organisation will also comply with the statutory procedures for Voluntary Out Of-Home Care (VOOHC) as issued by the Office of the Children’s Guardian in NSW.

Essential Disability understands its responsibility for compliance, to the extent that the organisation has a role in VOOHC intake, assessment, supervision, case planning and interagency coordination, as prescribed in the VOOHC statutory procedures.

Essential Disability policies and systems will reflect child safe standards and practices to protect children in VOOHC as well as providing clear and timely responses to information requests and incidents and allegations as they arise. The organisation will promptly advise the Office of the Children’s Guardian of any changes to key personnel, the VOOHC program or any changes in the outlets providing VOOHC.

Essential Disability will ensure all employees and contractors comply with the Child Safety Code of Conduct.

We are champions of individuality and we are up for the challenge!

Discover What We Do

Supported Independent Living

Independent Living

Your very own place, shared with
and supported by a community that
truly gets you.

Short Term Accommodation

Short Term

Regardless of how long you
stay, we’re here to make it really
feel like home.

Community Participation


Whether your thing is cricket or
croquet, we build your style of fun into
whatever you choose to do today.

Support Coordination


Empowering you to stride toward
achieving your goals by accessing
supports that fit into your plan.

“I have an Essential Disability worker and she is absolutely wonderful, she fits perfectly in with what I want, and how I want things done. She is hard to beat!”

– Robyn (CP client’s) husband
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